A Key Ingredient Missing In Those Who Do Not Succeed

A Key Ingredient Missing In Those Who Do Not Succeed

Don't Give Up!
Don’t Give Up Because You Feel Like Nothing Is Happening!
For the first time in my life I find myself in a season where I am serious about making a living online – earning an income right from my computer!

I’ve thought about it for years.

Now is the time.

I am working on two endeavors (http://kypron.stream and http://infinii.win) at the moment. The first has to do with online marketing and the second with eCommerce.

I’ve hit a few bumps in the road and have been in need of some encouragement.

I don’t know much about Anne Sieg or the E-Commerce Business School and I am not endorsing them, nor am I affiliated in any way.

But I found this coaching video where Anne is talking about Persistence.

If you (and I) are going to make it… If we are going to break through to the other side where we have learned to make a living online… We will need persistence.

Below is the video as posted on their facebook page.

Be encouraged! You can do this!

(No Sound? After clicking the play button go to the bottom right of the video and turn the sound on!)

P.S. If you want to write “add me” in the comments you have to go to the facebook video. You are welcome to write that in my comments but you won’t get a response from Anne. 🙂 Here is the facebook video link: https://www.facebook.com/ecommercebusinessschool/videos/1874576339520434/

Is There Any Webhost That Will Not Drive You Insane?

Is There Any Webhost That Will Not Drive You Insane?

Web Hosting
So Far, These Guys Are The Best

I made my first self-hosted website in 2006.

A friend’s website impressed me and I said “how did you do that?”

It was this friend that showed me the path for building websites with WordPress.

It was also back then that I purchased my first web hosting account with Bluehost.

They were all the rage at the time. WordPress was recommending them (and still does), and it seemed that the blue square favicon was taking over the whole internet.

At first everything was great. But eventually they were bought out by a bigger company – Endurance International Group.

Not long after that I started having problems with my sites. Some were completely broken. I tried to contact support and literally ended up waiting days while my site was down just to hear back from them!

When it reached weeks and there was no sign of help I decided to move along.

I found an amazingly cheap deal with iPage.

Little did I know, iPage was also owned by Endurance International Group!

The problems were not as bad as the issues at Bluehost, but they often seemed to not know what they were talking about, and my basic emails were often undelivered and their support could not help.

I survived 3 years with iPage.

Meanwhile, I have also been hosting some sites for a non-profit via Dreamhost, which has a program for non-profits.

All of my sites on Dreamhost in the same account were hacked. This never happened with the other hosts!

Those sites are cleaned up now (what a hassle), but I don’t every want to go through that again.

WordPress (maybe I’ll write more about WordPress in the future – for now try Googling them) works with a plugin system and I installed a security plugin called Wordfence (free version) on all of my sites on all of my accounts.

Wordfence works on all my sites on my new webhost, but will not work consistently on Dreamhost. I believe they are not offering enough resources per user. All efforts to fix this have been a waste of time.

This leads me to my current webhost, Siteground.

My sites work. Their service is excellent. Their response time to support inquiries is fast. They are very helpful. No problems so far!

And, they basically offer support for WordPress issues. Others, like Dreamhost, want to charge an extra fee for “specialized” WordPress hosting.

There are lots of extra features (caching, for example) and I am enjoying their good service.

So… For now I recommend Siteground as a shared hosting webhost. Avoid Endurance International Group owned companies. Bleckh.

Disclaimer: I was so excited to tell the world that I am enjoying my new webhost (this very site is hosted on it) that I went and signed up as an affiliate. So, yes, if you sign up through a link in this article I will get paid. If for some reason you don’t like me and don’t want me to get paid just google Siteground. But I hope you don’t dislike me that much! 🙂

Starting Is Hard

Starting Is Hard

How Do I Determine What is Reliable?
I wonder if the sign that you are ready to move forward with earning a living online is this: you truly believe it will be hard work.

I have seen a whole lot of big claims if I will only kick in my $397.

My very first attempt at learning to make money online was something called “Hometypers.”

“Make money by just typing online!”

Well, I can type!

It turns out that what they actually meant was placing Adwords ads to promote various online digital products.

I tried it. I made some sales. The cost of advertising was more than the profit from the sales so I lost money.

There is one business I am experimenting with now that attracted me because it actually looked like work.

What? You want to work?

Well, I would love to find an efficient way to earn money with as little work as possible. 🙂

But when it looks like actual work my suspicions decrease. Just maybe this one is for real.

Maybe I’ll come back and write about it after I have tested it more myself.

I don’t want to send you there yet until I am sure it is a good thing.

I suspect that the kind of person who will succeed online is the same kind of person who will succeed anywhere else: someone who can work, do it consistently, provide good service, and provide people with something they want.